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Hitch on the Hump: Frenzy (1972)

Welcome back to another installment of Hitch on the Hump. I know it has been quite some time since the last appearance of the Master of Suspense, but now he’s back and I’m ready to resume my goal of reviewing all of his films. To kick the series off again, I wanted to revisit Frenzy(1972) […]

Hitch on the Hump: The Lodger (1927)

Of all things, we have electric cables to thank for Alfred Hitchcock making his way into the film world. In 1918, Hitchcock was a nineteen year old man working in the advertising department of Henley’s, a company specializing in early electrical supplies. At the time, there was no separation between the writers and artists in […]

Hitch on the Hump: Blackmail (1929)

There are things we take for granted when we go to a movie theater. The floors will inevitably be sticky, the trailers will probably contain at least one remake, and wherever you sit the jerk with a cell phone or a baby (or both) will sit right behind you. Next time you’re there and the […]

Hitch on the Hump: The Birds (1963)

When it comes to Hitchcock and Halloween, many people sum up his contribution to the horror genre with one word, Psycho. Let me tell you I love me some Psycho, and next week you’re going to hear all about that. Today is all about Hitchcock’s lesser loved horror. It was the follow up film to […]