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Ladies Night Presents: Blown (2005)

Hey, Bugg here with the Ladies of the Lair for another installment of Ladies Night. I don’t really have a clever lead in on this one. I  just want to say that I sat through this film with the Ladies, and I want to assure you that every word, however brief, is true. Blown (2005) starring Cory Busboom, […]

Ladies Night Presents Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002)

Very few films have sequels made after nearly forty years have passed years, but very few filmmakers are like Herschell Gordon Lewis. So when the Ladies of the Lair told me they wanted to cover Blood Feast 2:All You Can Eatfor this month‘s Ladies Night, I was more than ready to tie on a bib […]

The LBL Presents: Ladies Night- Beat the Devil (1953)

Hey, hey. The Bug here posting on a special Wednesday to kick off Ladies Night which hopefully will be a monthly feature from Miss Directed and Fran Goria. Starting next month Thursdays will becomethHERSdays with flicks focusing on the kick ass ladies of the silver screen, so look for Ladies Night there. Without further ado […]