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Christmas Shorts: The Christmas Eves (1936): These Gals Stuff Stockings with Gams

I’ve stumbled across a number of interesting little Christmastime titles over the weekend, so I wanted to share a few of these with you folks. Starting at the oldest thing I dug up, the 1936 film The Christmas Eves. It starts off innocently enough with four girls (who apparently sleep in two beds) wake up for Christmas morning…. When the girls […]

The Halloween Top 13: Number 10: The Bride of Frankenstein

Hello again, and welcome back as the countdown keeps going on, and we reach number ten. From the tropical locales of yesterdays selection, we turn now to a more Gothic setting, and one of the famous pictures to come out of the Universal monster movies. In 1931, Frankenstein had shocked the world and the studio […]