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Feature Friday: Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985)

It’s the fourth Friday this month, and we’re nearing completion of our jungle adventure. Now that we’ve survived two waves of cannibals and escaped from the Amazons, it’s time for a little spot of jungle adventure. Tonight’s film takes us deep into the Amazon, the Green Hell itself, for an adventure with some laughs, some […]

Terrifying Tuesday: BOO (2005)

Hello again, folks. It’s Tuesday and time for another journey into the macabre. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the European cinema this month, and so I decided to give some time for a fine product of North America. I selected a film which had somehow gotten on my Netflix queue and sent to me, […]

Dollar Deals: The Bodyguard (1976) starring Sonny Chiba

For a buck sometimes you get what you pay for. Bad transfers, bad movies, and sometimes even odder things. Tonight’s film falls under two of those categories, but I’m not going to say which just yet. I will say it stars one of my favorite actors from the grind house era of Martial Arts the legendary Sonny Chiba. […]

Expendables Week #2- Blackjack (1998): Dolph Does Heroic Bloodshed

As the week begins to slip by, we’re growing ever closer to The Expendables, and I just can’t wait. To hold me over I’m looking at films from some of the stars all week. Yesterday, I started with Eric Roberts in the action classic Best of the Best, and today I get a chance to talk […]

Black Christmas (2006): Eye’ll Be Home For Christmas

In the interest of full disclosure, I had intended to reviewSilent Night Bloody Night today, but that film was sucking the Christmas spirit right out of me faster than people scalping Zhu Zhu Pets to the highest bidder. Instead I went with a film from Glen Morgan, a former TV scribe who had broken into […]

Tomb of Forgotten Film: Absurd (1981) a.k.a Antropophagus 2

Hello folks and welcome to the new weekend feature here at the Lair. I’m changing things up a bit, and on the weekend you’ll be treated to an out of the way gem here from The Tomb of Forgotten Film. Basically this will give me a chance to cover more titles with less restrictions. So […]

Who’s The Fool Now?

Greetings, everyone. The Lightning Bug transmitting another  review from my secret lair on the moon, and have we got a good one for you. This flick is awesome. Some great gore. Hardcore graphic sex from some really hot chicks. A totally original plot that’s never been heard of before. Even an ending that is so great you’ll […]