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Terrifying Tuesday: Frontière(s)

What is it about France lately? Well, I think I’m caught in the aftershock of watching Martyrs, and I feel the need to dig further into this new wave of French horror. When I was checking out some of the titles out there, I saw that this one had been banned in Thailand for its […]

Thanksgiving with Alejandro: Fando y Lis (1968)

Heya folks. Welcome to my second new feature this month, Thanksgiving with Alejandro. When I was trying to come up with a feature this month, I really wanted to feature a director I wasn’t all that familiar with and do something with Thanksgiving. Perusing my DVDs, my eyes landed on my as yet untouched Alejandro […]

Hitch on the Hump: The Lodger (1927)

Of all things, we have electric cables to thank for Alfred Hitchcock making his way into the film world. In 1918, Hitchcock was a nineteen year old man working in the advertising department of Henley’s, a company specializing in early electrical supplies. At the time, there was no separation between the writers and artists in […]

The Grab Bag- “ffolkes” (1979)

It’s the start of the working week again, and it’s time once more to reach into the grab bag and pull out something to watch. Perhaps I should have said that “it’s time once Moore” because today’s film stars non other than Sir Roger Moore. As with any actor who is tasked with playing James […]

The Burning (1981) or Camping with George, Tom, and Harvey

I never went to summer camp, and the reason is simple. I don’t like the outdoors, outdoor sports, bugs, snakes, swimming in lakes, archery, making leather wallets, or getting gruesomely killed by a vengeful psycho. OK, perhaps the latter didn’t come into the equation when I was a lad, but it sure as hell would […]

Kill Quentin Part III: The Final Chapter -Marriage, Revenge and Lists.

Hello Moonies, and welcome to Tuesday and the final chapter in the Kill Quentin series spotlighting the films that influenced Kill Bill 1 & 2. Today we’ll be talking a bit about a movie based off a book by Cornell Woolrich. He was the writer behind the source material for two of my favorite films […]

The Grab Bag: Blood Song (1982) with Frankie Avalon

Hello all and I hope everyone had a Merry X-mas. I know I did, and I got lots of new films to review for you faithful Moonies. As we get to the end of the year and the beginning of January, it’s a time for change, and here at the Lair it’s no different. I just wanted […]

Hitch on the Hump: Blackmail (1929)

There are things we take for granted when we go to a movie theater. The floors will inevitably be sticky, the trailers will probably contain at least one remake, and wherever you sit the jerk with a cell phone or a baby (or both) will sit right behind you. Next time you’re there and the […]

The Eddie Romero Files: Case 1- Black Mama, White Mama (1973)

Case File: Eddie Romero-01 Reason for Inquiry: Subject has made a number of cult films that have gone unrecognized for many years. Background: The subject of this investigation is well respected Filipino director Eddie Romero (a.k.a The Other Romero). Born in 1924 in the Philippines, the subject began selling short stories to local papers at […]

Black Friday (1940): Karloff’s Doorbuster Special on Transplanted Brains

Hello folks. Welcome to my last entry for Frankenstienia’s Boris Karloff Blogathon. I’ve had lots of fun watching all these great Karloff films this week, and I’m astounded by the variety and volume of posts people contributed on Boris. There were so many interesting sides to the man, and it looks like over the course […]