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The Halloween Top 13: Number 10: The Bride of Frankenstein

Hello again, and welcome back as the countdown keeps going on, and we reach number ten. From the tropical locales of yesterdays selection, we turn now to a more Gothic setting, and one of the famous pictures to come out of the Universal monster movies. In 1931, Frankenstein had shocked the world and the studio […]

Hitch on the Hump: The Birds (1963)

When it comes to Hitchcock and Halloween, many people sum up his contribution to the horror genre with one word, Psycho. Let me tell you I love me some Psycho, and next week you’re going to hear all about that. Today is all about Hitchcock’s lesser loved horror. It was the follow up film to […]

Don’t Go in the Lightning Bug’s Lair #1: Don’t Look Now (1973)

For my final “don’t” of the Don’t Go in the Lightning Bug’s Lair countdown, I’ve chosen Don’t Look Now, the 1973 film by Nicolas Roag. It’s seriously excellent, but seeing as I didn’t get it up by Halloween and won’t be able to write a deconstruction better than the one on Wikipedia, I don’t think […]

B.L.O.G Presents Angel Heart (1987) with Lisa Bonet

When people think New Orleans movies, a few titles spring instantly to mind like the classic thriller The Big Easy. However, to me, New Orleans is a place full of thrills, but not always of the natural variety. There always feels there could be the threat of the supernatural lurking around every corner (even though […]

The Halloween Top 13: Number 2: Army of Darkness

Happy All Hallow Eve Eve to you fine folks. Tonight as you rush around to carve your pumpkins, make those last minute changes on your costume, or making sure you have enough candy or booze to make it, it’s time to kick back and watch a rarity in horror, the epic hero. Ashley J Williams, […]