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Terrifying Tuesday: Martyrs (2008)

Martyr – from the Latin martyr < Ancient Greek μάρτυρ (martyr), later form of μάρτυς (martys) “witness”. 1. Someone who chooses to suffer death rather than renounce religious principles. 2. A person who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause, or principle. 3. One who endures great suffering 4. […]

Halloween Top 13: The Sequel #1: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Here we are at long last. After 31 days of horror films including 13 days of sequels, we’ve finally ended up at the big day itself. Now that it’s Halloween, I can finally unveil the number one film on the countdown, Dawn of the Dead. Where Romero’s Night of the Living Dead invented a genre […]

LBL Feature Presentation: Mario Bava’s Black Sunday

It’s the end of the month, and so that sadly brings us to the end of the Mario Bava feature. Don’t fret though, there’s so much more Bava I want to cover. After all there’s still vikings, space vampires, sex comedies, spaghetti westerns, Vincent Price, and still more giallo waiting to be covered. So surely […]

Black Sabbath (1963): Less Tony Iommi, More Boris Karloff

One hundred and twenty two years ago today, at 36 Forest Hill Road, Peckham Rye, London, England, William Henry Pratt was born. One hundred years ago, Pratt traveled to Canada to persue a career in acting and changed his name to Boris Karloff. Seventy eight years ago, Karloff donned Jack Pierce’s makeup and became the […]

Terrifying Tuesday: Black Christmas (1974)

With only two days until Christmas to go, I just couldn’t hold this picture back any longer. I had originally planned to roll this out on Friday for the last leg of Feature Presentation and to tie in with that wacky Canadian holiday, Boxing Day, but with the holidays almost in full swing and lots […]