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Terrifying Tuesday: Frontière(s)

What is it about France lately? Well, I think I’m caught in the aftershock of watching Martyrs, and I feel the need to dig further into this new wave of French horror. When I was checking out some of the titles out there, I saw that this one had been banned in Thailand for its […]

Ursula Andress Undressed For Dinner

Statuesque blond beauties have been a hallmark of cinema over the years. From Jayne Mansfield to Marilyn Monroe, the camera has always loved a bombshell, but there’s one scene that stands out above the rest. When Ursula Andress emerges from the Caribbean waters in the first James Bond picture, Dr. No. , a sex symbol […]

Feature Friday: Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985)

It’s the fourth Friday this month, and we’re nearing completion of our jungle adventure. Now that we’ve survived two waves of cannibals and escaped from the Amazons, it’s time for a little spot of jungle adventure. Tonight’s film takes us deep into the Amazon, the Green Hell itself, for an adventure with some laughs, some […]

Ladies Night Presents Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002)

Very few films have sequels made after nearly forty years have passed years, but very few filmmakers are like Herschell Gordon Lewis. So when the Ladies of the Lair told me they wanted to cover Blood Feast 2:All You Can Eatfor this month‘s Ladies Night, I was more than ready to tie on a bib […]

Tuesday Terror: Anthropophagus (1980)

Welcome to the first edition of Tuesday Terror. Each week you can be sure The Bug is going to bring you the finest in guts, gore, and general horrific goodness. I elected to start off tonight with a flick that started off the career of another esteemed genre reviewer, Joe Bob Briggs. The Grim Reaper […]