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Spirits of the Dead(1968):Fondas,Fellini,& a Fistful of Poe

While Poe adaptations in the 60’s belonged to Roger Corman and Vincent Price, today’s film found three European auteurs getting down and dirty with the works of Edgar Allan. Each of them present a singular and innovative look into the work of the macabre writer, and through the film was distributed in the states by […]

The Halloween Top 13: Number 10: The Bride of Frankenstein

Hello again, and welcome back as the countdown keeps going on, and we reach number ten. From the tropical locales of yesterdays selection, we turn now to a more Gothic setting, and one of the famous pictures to come out of the Universal monster movies. In 1931, Frankenstein had shocked the world and the studio […]

Black Friday (1940): Karloff’s Doorbuster Special on Transplanted Brains

Hello folks. Welcome to my last entry for Frankenstienia’s Boris Karloff Blogathon. I’ve had lots of fun watching all these great Karloff films this week, and I’m astounded by the variety and volume of posts people contributed on Boris. There were so many interesting sides to the man, and it looks like over the course […]

Frankenstein 1970 (1958) Karloff of Future Past.

While there’s little better in life than movies from the past that take a shot of what life will be like in the future, there’s really nothing better than when they get brazen enough to tack the futuristic year at the end of their title. This traps the movie or TV show into a path […]