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B.L.O.G Presents Vice Academy (1989) with Ginger Lynn Allen

Welcome back to B.L.O.G. and the second week of looking at porn stars gone mainstream. When I think porn stars certain names come to mind right off, Seka, Christy Canyon, Anna Malle, and Raquel Darrian always spring to mind. These are the gals that I discovered early on in my porn watching life, and they […]

Feature Friday: Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985)

It’s the fourth Friday this month, and we’re nearing completion of our jungle adventure. Now that we’ve survived two waves of cannibals and escaped from the Amazons, it’s time for a little spot of jungle adventure. Tonight’s film takes us deep into the Amazon, the Green Hell itself, for an adventure with some laughs, some […]

The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t (1966): Holiday Film Italian Style!

Last week I promised you folks a Christmas movie that hailed from the Italian peninsula. With only a few days left until the big holiday, here is the film as promised. I’ve been watchingThe Christmas that Almost Wasn’t for many, many years now. Back in the early ’80’s, they used to play this every year […]

The Grab Bag- “ffolkes” (1979)

It’s the start of the working week again, and it’s time once more to reach into the grab bag and pull out something to watch. Perhaps I should have said that “it’s time once Moore” because today’s film stars non other than Sir Roger Moore. As with any actor who is tasked with playing James […]

Beautiful Ladies of Genre: Bloody Mallory (2005) with Olivia Bonamy

When you hear about the French and horror films these days, the conversation inevitably moves towards films such as Martyrs, Ils, or Frontier(s). In 2005, director Julien Magnat embarked on a film that broke from the macabre mold and infused campy humor into the horror genre. Magnat had already come to critical acclaim in 2002 […]

There’s More Than Just Pitts in this Berg

I was checking around for information on tonight’s film and one of the sites I checked was Tom Savini’s. Strangely, I could find no mention of his involvement with the project, but perhaps not so strange after all. Our Lord and Savior Tom (for more info on why Tom is the son of god check the […]

Terrifying Tuesday: Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984)

Vincent Price had and long a storied career that streaches from his days as a leading man in The House of the Seven Gables (1940), through the classic horror era and the AIP Poe flicks, and ending in a string of underwhelming roles in the late 1980’s. While he capped his career off with a bittersweet turn […]

Ladies Night Presents Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002)

Very few films have sequels made after nearly forty years have passed years, but very few filmmakers are like Herschell Gordon Lewis. So when the Ladies of the Lair told me they wanted to cover Blood Feast 2:All You Can Eatfor this month‘s Ladies Night, I was more than ready to tie on a bib […]

The LBL Presents: Ladies Night- Beat the Devil (1953)

Hey, hey. The Bug here posting on a special Wednesday to kick off Ladies Night which hopefully will be a monthly feature from Miss Directed and Fran Goria. Starting next month Thursdays will becomethHERSdays with flicks focusing on the kick ass ladies of the silver screen, so look for Ladies Night there. Without further ado […]

Frozen (2013) The Bugg Wants to Build a Snowman!

Synopsis: When princesses Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) were children, Elsa endangered her sister’s life with her magical ice powers. Her parents taught her to keep her ability a secret, locked away, but when Anna announces her engagement to a man she’s just met. Elsa loses control and retreats to an ice castle […]