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Terrifying Tuesday: Mausoleum (1983)

It’s Terrifying Tuesday again, and have I got one for you folks out there. It’s the sweet story of an orphaned girl who grows up to have everything a girl could ask for. She has a fine house, a loving husband, and her boobs occasionally turn into flesh eating demons. So maybe it’s not the […]

The 1978 Italian Double Feature: Damned In Venice and Blazing Bullets

Hey folks. It’s the beginning of the week, and that means another dose of Italian cinema. This week I’ve got a pair of features for you that both made their way to the screen 31 years ago in 1978. First up, Dammned in Venice manages to rip off The Omen and still come out on […]

Black Roses (1988): Metal Don’t Need No Education

Last week when I reviewed Trick or Treat, The Film Connoisseur left a comment mentioning another well known heavy metal horror, Black Roses. I had been meaning to get around to it for quite some time. I first heard about it a while back on Outside the Cinema, and the host, Bill, shrieking the title […]

Paranormal Activity 5: The Marked Ones- This Time With 94% Less Annoying White People

I have a complicated history with the Paranormal Activity franchise. While I deeply enjoyed the first film, perhaps due to viewing it opening night in a packed theater, I’ve skipped out on subsequent installments due to my aversion to found footage movies and continuing stories about unpleasant, middle class, white people (I’m looking at you […]

Dark August (1976) Let There Be Light(ning Bug)

Dear Lair Readers, As the venerated band Staind once intoned, “It’s Been Awhile.”, and it has. April was the last time you saw me kicking around The Lair, but some of you will know that I spent the intervening time working on the Crypt horror app as well as starring in a real life noir […]

The Halloween Top 13: The Devil Made Me Do It #8: The Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

Even in a depressed economy, there are some properties that a realtor would have a hard time selling at any price. The Bates Motel would probably be a hard sell (especially since they built that highway a few years back  that sends everyone around.) I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around moving into […]

Abby (1974): How Did They Not Call This The Blackcorcist?

There’s subgenres and then there’s sub-subgenres. Today’s film falls into that later category. Hitting the screen in 1974, Abby was obviously intended to cash in on the success of The Exorcist (1973), and Warner Brothers Studio even managed to file a successful complaint against the film causing it to be pulled from markets. The picture […]

B.L.O.G Presents Angel Heart (1987) with Lisa Bonet

When people think New Orleans movies, a few titles spring instantly to mind like the classic thriller The Big Easy. However, to me, New Orleans is a place full of thrills, but not always of the natural variety. There always feels there could be the threat of the supernatural lurking around every corner (even though […]