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Dollar Deals: Five Minutes to Live (1961) starring Johnny Cash

Sometimes when you’re diving in the bins of Dollar movies, it’s a chore. Really on several fronts. I am a compulsive buyer and bargain hunter, so when I see flicks for a buck well I don’t hold back. This is what leads me to have two or three copies of Black Cobra (which we’ll get […]

Dollar Deals: The Bodyguard (1976) starring Sonny Chiba

For a buck sometimes you get what you pay for. Bad transfers, bad movies, and sometimes even odder things. Tonight’s film falls under two of those categories, but I’m not going to say which just yet. I will say it stars one of my favorite actors from the grind house era of Martial Arts the legendary Sonny Chiba. […]

The Lightning Bug Dollar Deals: Abraxas

So with bailouts going on left and right, I’m back to pitch in again to bail out your genre movie collection. Tonight’s movie is one that has been a “value” title nearly since it’s release in 1991. I recall seeing it on video for three or four bucks back in the nineties, and while I […]