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The Burrowers (2008): How the West Was Killed

Anyone who has been a long time reader of The Lair could probably tell you that I’m a big fan of Westerns and Horror films, but my one look at a combination of the two genres, 1996’s Fort Doom, was a barely above average outing. So when I heard tell of another hybrid, 2008’s The […]

The Halloween Top 13: Number 10: The Bride of Frankenstein

Hello again, and welcome back as the countdown keeps going on, and we reach number ten. From the tropical locales of yesterdays selection, we turn now to a more Gothic setting, and one of the famous pictures to come out of the Universal monster movies. In 1931, Frankenstein had shocked the world and the studio […]

Halloween Top 13: The Remake #4 The Blob (1988)

Only four days until Halloween so it’s time to carve the pumpkins, make the finishing touches to costumes, and ensure you have a stock of mini chocolate bars for the trick or treaters. It’s also time for the HT13: The Remake to get down to the final entries on the countdown.( In case you missed […]

The Blob (1958): When Good Jell-O Goes Bad

Ivan S. Yeaworth Jr. started his career in 1956 with a film called The Flaming Teen-Ape, a church backed morality tale about the evils of alcohol. Two years later he was back with a different kind of a lesson. One so beautiful in its eloquence it’s been overlooked as a divine truth. Simply put, don’t […]

Black Roses (1988): Metal Don’t Need No Education

Last week when I reviewed Trick or Treat, The Film Connoisseur left a comment mentioning another well known heavy metal horror, Black Roses. I had been meaning to get around to it for quite some time. I first heard about it a while back on Outside the Cinema, and the host, Bill, shrieking the title […]

The Halloween Top 13: Number 7: Basket Case

Here we are on lucky number seven. With only 6 days to go until Halloween, I wanted to bring you something tonight that contained everything a Halloween movie could need. It has laughs. It has chills. It has unrepentant gore. It has had me watching it for years and years. I remember when I first […]

The LBL Feature Presentation: The Films of Mario Bava – Baron Blood

Hello and welcome back to the Feature Presentation. I’m so glad I picked Mario Bava for this month’s focus because I was woefully uninformed about his body of work. Thankfully these four weeks will help me out. Tonight’s film comes from near the close of Bava’s career. He would retire from movie making only 6 […]

Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948): Bela’s Been a Baaaaaad Boy

There are things that just go together in the Halloween season, caramel and apples, tricking and treating, or ghosts and goblins just to name a few. There’s another pairing that I always enjoy as All Hallows Eve grows closer, comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello with the Universal Monsters. By 1948, with the heyday of […]

The Halloween Top 13: Number 2: Army of Darkness

Happy All Hallow Eve Eve to you fine folks. Tonight as you rush around to carve your pumpkins, make those last minute changes on your costume, or making sure you have enough candy or booze to make it, it’s time to kick back and watch a rarity in horror, the epic hero. Ashley J Williams, […]

Leatherface Shows His Tender Side

It’s often assumed that there’s few things Leatherface cares about, his chainsaw, his family, and the zesty taste of real human meat flavored chili. Well, that’s not true. I hate it when someone wanders around in a bloody smock and a mask made of human flesh and everyone assumes that murder and rampage are the only things on his mind. Monsters […]