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The Burning (1981) or Camping with George, Tom, and Harvey

I never went to summer camp, and the reason is simple. I don’t like the outdoors, outdoor sports, bugs, snakes, swimming in lakes, archery, making leather wallets, or getting gruesomely killed by a vengeful psycho. OK, perhaps the latter didn’t come into the equation when I was a lad, but it sure as hell would […]

The Virginian (1946) McCrae is for Western Lovers.

Synopsis: When new schoolteacher Molly Wood (Barbara Britton) arrives in the small Western town of Medicine Bow, she meets two friends and cowhands who both have romantic notions about her, the charming Steve (Sonny Tufts) and the mysterious Virginian (Joel McCrea). However, there is a cattle war on and Steve starts to take up with […]

Dark August (1976) Let There Be Light(ning Bug)

Dear Lair Readers, As the venerated band Staind once intoned, “It’s Been Awhile.”, and it has. April was the last time you saw me kicking around The Lair, but some of you will know that I spent the intervening time working on the Crypt horror app as well as starring in a real life noir […]