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Terrifying Tuesday: The Purge (2013)

There are many ways to unsettle or frighten an audience in the world of cinema. There are probably as many as there are people because there is no telling what might be scary to one person or another. Lately I’ve talked about films that use sound as the device to horrify, and films with such […]

Halloween Top 13: The Remake – #8: Body Snatchers (1993)

Last year when Werner Herzog released his film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans, it really amused me how bent out of shape Bad Lieutenant director Abel Ferrara got from the idea of his film being remade. Anyone who read anything about Herzog’s film would have found out that the title of the Ferrara’s […]

The Blob (1958): When Good Jell-O Goes Bad

Ivan S. Yeaworth Jr. started his career in 1956 with a film called The Flaming Teen-Ape, a church backed morality tale about the evils of alcohol. Two years later he was back with a different kind of a lesson. One so beautiful in its eloquence it’s been overlooked as a divine truth. Simply put, don’t […]

The Grab Bag: Battle Beyond The Stars (1980)

Inside of The Grab Bag, you never know what you might get. This time when I opened it up there, staring back at me, was the vastness of space. It was kind of like looking at movie house marquee in the waning years of the seventies. After Star Wars defied all logic to become an […]

Frankenstein 1970 (1958) Karloff of Future Past.

While there’s little better in life than movies from the past that take a shot of what life will be like in the future, there’s really nothing better than when they get brazen enough to tack the futuristic year at the end of their title. This traps the movie or TV show into a path […]

Halloween Top 13:The Sequel #2- Aliens (1986)

Yesterday, in number 3 on the countdown, I got a chance to talk about the best male hero in the horror genre, Evil Dead II’s Ash. Today I get to talk about another hero, but a very different one. In most horror films, women are portrayed as either bimbos, damsels in distress, or if they’re […]

The Lightning Bug Dollar Deals: Abraxas

So with bailouts going on left and right, I’m back to pitch in again to bail out your genre movie collection. Tonight’s movie is one that has been a “value” title nearly since it’s release in 1991. I recall seeing it on video for three or four bucks back in the nineties, and while I […]